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encouraging healthy work environment and wellness for your employees with psychological safety

We understand the importance of providing support to employees for their overall wellness and well-being with a psychologically safe work environment and culture. 


We strive to provide individualised services to meet the needs of organisations, whether it’s through coaching, counselling, interactive workshops, or any other form of corporate wellness initiative. 

Programmes We Offer



Our ‘Understanding Relationships at Work’ workshops are designed to help organisations better understand their team dynamics, improve communication and staff retention. These interactive sessions create a safe and inclusive environment, and offer insight into each individual employee’s strengths and performances. We also provide individual support for employee wellbeing through coaching and/or therapy. 


Support Groups for New Parents / Back-to-Work Parents

We recognise the challenges of new parents who are working and having to manage their new roles as parents in life. Going back to work after a baby can be challenging, exhausting and daunting to both fathers and mothers.


At Clarie, we work with organisations to provide additional support to mothers-to-be during pregnancy (pre-natal) and post-natal for smoother recovery and coming back to work after their maternity leave.


Performance Coaching

Coaching sessions are suitable for all issues around structure, goal-focused matters such as time management, career building or progression as well as health and fitness matters.


Each coaching package is personalised according to individual’s needs after initial sessions to identify goals and plan to work through challenges towards positive actions and results.


Not sure whether counselling or coaching suits your team better?


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