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BurnOut Quiz

Shouldering multiple roles and responsibilities? Finding yourself checking out and easily irritable a lot of the time?

Burnout and stress are everywhere and at all-time highs across professions.

In a survey collaboratively conducted by Milieu Insight and Intellect, Singaporean employees surveyed claimed having lowest levels of engagement, job satisfaction, and overall quality of life.  Meanwhile, rising cost of living, uncertain future and finances top the stress factors in Singapore. 85% of our workforce are at extreme risk of being burnt out.

It is important that we are able to re-focus on ourselves if not take time for self-care to prevent stress stemming into burnout.

Are you just going through a stressful period or are you burnt out?

Find out more on our free Burnout Quiz and see what support you can get.

If you’re interested in learning more about support for burnout recovery, this post may be helpful.

We also offer group therapy support to individuals who are looking to connect with and support one another in their journey, you can find information about it here.